Variation in the Ratios and Concentrations of Nucleotide Triphosphates and Udp-Sugars During a Perfused Batch Cultivation of Hybridoma Cells

  • Thomas Ryll
  • Volker Jäger
  • Roland Wagner


A murine hybridoma cell line, which produces a monoclonal murine IgG2a antibody, was cultivated in a stirred reactor equipped with bubble-free aeration and a continuous perfusion system. During growth of up to 3.1•107 viable cells per ml, intracellular amounts of ATP, ADP, AMP, NAD, GTP, UTP, UDP-glucose (UDP-Glc), UDP-N-acetylglucosamine (UDP-G1cNac), UDP-N-acetyl-galactosamine (UDP-GalNac) and CTP were measured by the ion-pair HPLC technique after perchloric acid extraction of sedimented cells. Very stable values of the adenylate energy charge were found whereas the ratio of trinucleotides of the purine pool to these of the pyrimidine pool and the ratio between UTP and UDP-N-acetyl-sugars changed rapidly during different growth phases.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Thomas Ryll
    • 1
  • Volker Jäger
    • 1
  • Roland Wagner
    • 1
  1. 1.Arbeitsgruppe ZellkulturtechnikGesellschaft für Biotechnologische ForschungBraunschweigGerrmany

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