The Magic of Art in the Magic-Less World

  • Mario A. Presas
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 37)


When man ponders his own being, he cannot but feel the pull of the factual constraints to which he is subject in his there-being, in his Dasein(“human existence”), and the counter-pull of the dream-plans he dwells in by inalienable right, a strain which is related to the measure in which his future makes sense of his present. Furthermore, it is bewildering to discover that things possible, once achieved and transmuted into indestructible facts, are no longer possible as they once were. But man also discovers that there are ways and means of cheating the restrictions of the here-and-now (“Da”), of the facts to which he is condemned, inasmuch as being also implies getting outside and beyond and transcending oneself — that is, precisely, freeing oneself from the here-and-now.


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