Art as Communication

  • Miodrag Cekić
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 37)


The essential difference between philosophy on the one hand and science, art, morality, religion and ideology on the other is that while the latter spiritual realms develop relatively independently from one another and from philosophy, philosophy depends for its survival on these other activities of the spirit. Philosophy, in fact, lives on the imperfection of science, art, morality, religion, and ideology. If science were perfect, then it would not permit the independent existence of another spiritual discipline which pretends to explain it. If art were perfect, then also there would be nothing left for the spiritual activity of philosophy. The same also goes for the state of things in the realms of morality, religion, and ideology. Science, art morality, religion, and ideology hold their place in the spiritual totality of humanity thanks to philosophy. Only philosophy is capable of giving them the dignity of belonging to a whole, a system, meaning and value. But, in doing that, philosophy is not able to establish her own realm in which it reigns exclusively. It has become, rather, the spirit and soul of all the other fields, or rather, it is capable of being that.


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