New Modes of Ventilatory Support

  • J. B. Downs
Part of the Developments in Critical Care Medicine and Anesthesiology book series (DCCA, volume 25)


Since the advent of intermittent positive pressure ventilation (IPPV), positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP), intermittent mandatory ventilation (IMV), continuous positive airway press ure (CPAP), mandatory minute ventilation (MMV), and high frequency ventilation, several ventilatory modalities have been introduced for the treatment of ventilatory insufficiency. Pressure support ventilation (PSV) and airway press ure release ventilation (APRV) are most recent. Although PSV was introduced seven years ago, there is little data concerning its usefulness in patient care. Nevertheless, PSV is a standard feature of several commercially available ventilators. APRV is presently an experimental technique and, therefore, not in general use.


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