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One of the major achievements of COST 72, the predecessor of the present project, was the preparation and dissemination, on a semi-operatlonal basis, of a composite weather radar image covering a considerable part of Western Europe. This trial has shown the viability of the concept of large-area weather radar data composites. Experience gained with this prototype has encouraged COST 73 to propose an enlargement of the extent of the area of the composite, and also the introduction of a developing suite of products. As part of its work, COST 73 has also seriously addressed the problems of standardization of data collection procedures and data communication formats which are also central to the concept of large-area weather radar networking. This paper reports the work of COST 73 on the questions of an enlarged data composite area and the data products to be offerred covering that area. It also touches upon some of the problems which are still to be solved before successful operational networking can take place.


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