The UK Weather Radar Network, the Current Situation and Future Plans

  • C. A. Fair


The UK weather radar network was declared operational in 1985 after some 20 years of research and development by the UK Meteorological Office aided by the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment at Malvern. Since then the original network of five radars (at Camborne, Upavon, Clee Hill, Hameldon Hill and Chenies) has been gradually expanded to the current (June 1991) network of nine radars with new insta1lations at Castor Bay, Ingham, Crug-y-Gorllwyn and Corse Hill (the first of the Scottish radars). During this time two of the older radars, at Camborne and Upavon, which were demonstrating their limitations, were replaced by modern systems at Predannack and Wardon Hill and the Hameldon Hill processing system was updated to the same standard as that at most other sites.


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