Overview of Regional Radar Meteorological Activity in Czech Republic

  • Petr Havránek


Only one analogue meteorological radar operates at present time in the territory of the Czech Republic, covering effectively only about 50% of this region. In 1985 a pilot networking scheme was undertaken in the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute. It was not possible to take a part in the COST-73 programme at that time and Czech project was not fully compatible with it.

Our present situation in radar meteorology and a new attempt to redesign radar network is presented. Czech regional network is expected to be useful for: flight assistance, nowcasting, severe weather warning system and hydrological resource management.


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  • Petr Havránek
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  1. 1.Radar and Satellite DepartmentCzech Hydrometeorological InstitutePragueCzech Republic

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