The reproductive system of the slug, in common with most pulmonates, is a complex structure because terrestrial slugs are hermaphrodites. The many variations in the form and organization of the pulmonate reproductive system were reviewed by Duncan (1975). Webb (1961) discussed the changes that had taken place in the reproductive system in the phylogeny of the Arionidae. Illustrations and descriptions of the morphology of the reproductive systems of many testacellid, arionid, limacid and milacid slugs were included by Germain (1930), Quick (1960) and Likharev and Rammel’meier (1952) in their systematic accounts of slugs. The distal genitalia have been widely used as diagnostic characters in the taxonomy of slugs. Webb (1961) included illustrated descriptions of the reproductive systems of some nearctic slugs, including Ariolimax, Prophysaon and Philomycus, while the reproductive systems of veronicellid and athoracophorid slugs have been described by Lanza and Quattrini (1964) and Burton (1978) respectively. The organization of the reproductive systems of some families of slugs are compared in Fig. 5.1.


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