Rheological and Relaxation Properties of Copolymers

  • Yuri G. Yanovsky


The tremendous interest exhibited in copolymers by both scientists and experimentalists is explained by the features of their physicomechanical and physicochemical properties. The practical significance of these systems is associated with the hope of obtaining novel materials with ‘exclusive’ properties in comparison with homopolymers. It can be seen from the other chapters of the present book that this goal can be achieved in different ways, in particular by creating various compositions—blends, filled, combined ones, etc. Analysis of the literature broadly reveals two typical means of ‘constructing’ such compositions. The first, and apparently the simpler is the mechanical blending of several ingredients which may be either polymers or nonpolymers. The second is ‘chemical’ blending. The ‘chemical’ filling technique, which is briefly described in Chapter 5, can be considered to a certain extent as one of its variants. But it will be expedient to consider the formation of copolymers as the ‘classical’ way of chemical blending.


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