Qualitative and Quantitative Behaviour of Planetary Systems

pp 27-43

Recent Progress in the Theory and Application of Symplectic Integrators

  • Haruo YoshidaAffiliated withNational Astronomical Observatory

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In this paper various aspect of symplectic integrators are reviewed. Symplectic integrators are numerical integration methods for Hamiltonian systems which are designed to conserve the symplectic structure exactly as the original flow. There are explicit symplectic schemes for systems of the form H = T (p) + V (q), and implicit schemes for general Hamiltonian systems. As a general property, symplectic integrators conserve the energy quite well and therefore an artificial damping (excitation) caused by the accumulation of the local truncation error cannot occur. Symplectic integrators have been applied to the Kepler problem, the motion of minor bodies in the solar system and the long-term evolution of outer planets.

Key words

Numerical integration methods long time evolution symplectic mapping