Optical Jets Associated with Molecular Outflows

  • M. Olberg
Conference paper
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 186)


Some of the finest optical jets, HH 46/47, HH 110 and HH 111, have been studied by us at optical, IR and mm-wavelengths. In two cases, HH 46/47 and HH 111, the optical jets are associated with prominent bipolar, molecular outflows, in the case of HH 110 a massive molecular outflow is found to originate from a very nearby IRAS source, which seems to be unrelated to the optical jet, though.In our poster we relate jet and outflow morphology and compare the involved energies and momenta. In all cases inclination angles have been determined either on proper motion data or on morphological grounds and projection effects have been corrected for. Although the spatial extent (along the jet axis) of the optical jets and the molecular outflows are comparable, the dynamical time scales are much shorter for the jets, which in addition show evidence for episodic events.


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