Towards the rational use of high salinity tolerant plants

Volume 27 of the series Tasks for vegetation science pp 279-291

Plant growth response to salt stress

  • E. V. MaasAffiliated withAgricultural Research Service, U.S. Salinity Laboratory, United States Department of Agriculture

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Plant response to salinity and various constituent ions in the soil solution and irrigation waters varies widely among plant species. Salt tolerance data may be used to select crops with the highest potential for agronomic production with highly saline waters. Soil, water, and climatic factors affect the plant’s capability to tolerate soluble salts in the root medium. Plant response to salt stress also changes during growth and development. Recent results show that cereal crops are especially sensitive to salt stress during the vegetative and early reproductive stages. Growth responses of several crops during sensitive stages of growth and the specific yield components that are affected by salt stress are being quantified.


salinity salt tolerance environmental factors edaphic factors biological factors growth stage yield response function