A comparison of the clinical evaluation of medicines in Japanese and Caucasian populations

  • Etienne Labbe
Part of the CMR Workshop Series book series (CMRW)


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    In order to compare inter-and intra-ethnic variability in drug response, in Japanese and Caucasian subjects, the clinical data for five drugs has been reviewed, focusing on the pharmacokinetic parameters. These drugs represent different pharmacological/therapeutic classes.

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    No pharmacogenetically linked differences between Caucasian and Japanese subjects were found. With regard to pharmacokinetic parameters, for all five drugs the intra-ethnic variability was higher than the inter-ethnic variability.

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    Differences in methodology and the number of subjects studied might contribute to the apparent variations in pharmacokinetic parameters. In order to draw firm conclusions regarding inter-ethnic differences in drug response it will therefore be necessary to harmonise the principles and technical aspects of drug development methodology.



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