The Noether theory in algebras of singular integral functional operators

  • Victor G. Kravchenko
  • Georgii S. Litvinchuk
Part of the Mathematics and Its Applications book series (MAIA, volume 289)


We have already stated in the Introduction that, in Chapter 5, we do not try to describe any complete Noether theory of the algebras of FO and SIFO. We pose a more modest problem in order to illustrate the methods of solving the subproblems(N 1) - (NIII) and(1I) -(I III)of problems(N)and(I)(see Section 1 of Chapter 1) concerning the Noetherity criterion and the index formula, which arise naturally in an algebraic treatment. We therefore devote the essential part of this chapter (Sections 1-3) to the analysis of the simplest models of FO and SIFO algebras.


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