The Noether theory of singular integral functional operators with continuous coefficients on a non-closed contour

  • Victor G. Kravchenko
  • Georgii S. Litvinchuk
Part of the Mathematics and Its Applications book series (MAIA, volume 289)


In the preceding two chapters, the SIFO of first order
$$\mathcal{T} = \left( {a\left( t \right)I + b\left( t \right){{U}_{\alpha }}} \right){{P}_{ + }} + \left( {c\left( t \right)I + d\left( t \right){{U}_{\beta }}} \right){{P}_{ - }},t \in \Gamma$$
where ab c,d are scalar or matrix coefficients, was studied in the so-called continuous case, i.e., when the following three conditions are fulfilled simultaneously:
  1. 1

    \(a,b,c,d \in {C^{n \times n}}\left( \Gamma \right)\)

  2. 2

    \(\alpha ',\beta ' \in {H_\lambda }\left( \Gamma \right)\)

  3. 3

    Γ is a closed Lyapunov contour.



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