Fauna and Zoogeography of Molluscs of Turkmenistan

  • Yaroslav I. Starobogatov
Part of the Monographiae Biologicae book series (MOBI, volume 72)


Zoogeography of terrestrial and inland water malacofauna of Turkmenistan is discussed. Fauna of the Kopetdagh (especially the terrestrial one) is intermediate between the faunas of Southwest Asia and Middle Asia. Freshwater fauna of molluscs in Kopetdagh is related to the Irano-Anatolian fauna. Freshwater fauna of the Amudarya River, excepting its lower portion but including its recent and former tributaries, is an original one and can be placed in the Sogdian-Tibetan superprovince. The mollusc fauna of the lower Amudarya includes several Balkhash-Tarim species as well as an endemic subspecies of Dreissena polymorpha. The Caspian aquatories near the shore of Turkmenistan include nine biogeographic provinces belonging to the Ponto-Caspian region; these provinces are characterized here by their complexes of molluscs.


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