The General Magnetic Field of the Sun

  • Ye Shi-Hui
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Does the Sun possess an overall magnetic field like that of the Earth? This is a question of important significance. First, the existence of a general magnetic field may affect the structure and evolution of the Sun. Second, the physical interpretation of the solar activity cycle1 requires that the entire solar globe, especially the high-latitude regions, possesses magnetism. Third, as will be described in the next chapter, the solar wind brings the magnetic field of the solar atmosphere into interplanetary space. Therefore, the solar global magnetism may have a profound influence on the physical status of the heliosphere. Taking these facts into consideration, astronomers have for a long time paid a great deal of attention to the study of the solar general magnetic field, and much progress has been achieved. In recent years observations with high spatial and temporary resolutions have led to the discovery of a lot of subtle and complex phenomena, which are difficult to interpret. It is sad to relate that even the very existence of the solar general magnetic field seems to be questionable. Hence the research in this field has to be carried on further.


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