The Magnetic Fields of Sunspots

  • Ye Shi-Hui
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As we stated in Chapter 1, the earliest discovery of the cosmic magnetic field outside the Earth was achieved for sunspots by Hale (1908) at the Mt. Wilson Observatory. In the thirty more years after this, observations of this kind were carried on solely at this institution. Since 1941 and 1955, respectively, the Potsdam and Crimean Astrophysical Observatories also began to make routine measurements. In the sixties the Beijing, Purple Mountain and Yunnan Observatories of Academia Sinica successively started regular observations of sunspot magnetic fields. In the past eighty more years a large amount of observational material has been accumulated1 and on this basis much interesting theoretical research has been performed. However, in spite of the tremendous progress, there are still many unresolved problems and puzzling contradictions in the study of sunspot magnetism.


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