Linking Corporate Training and Effective Performance

  • Martin Mulder
  • Wim J. Nijhof
  • Robert O. Brinkerhoff
Part of the Evaluation in Education and Human Services book series (EEHS, volume 43)


Effective performance has become critical throughout the global economy. In view of the severe competition within this global economy, organizations focus on their performance. They analyze their results and problems, and try to find solutions that may improve their results (Swanson, 1994). Organizations need to do so for the sake of continuing their existence in the future. They constantly need to adapt to new circumstances. In the process of focusing on performance, learning plays a critical role. Organizations have to learn from their failures and successes, and they should be able to analyze causes and effects of decisions and results. Much of the necessary learning can be facilitated by corporate training.


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  • Martin Mulder
    • 1
  • Wim J. Nijhof
    • 2
  • Robert O. Brinkerhoff
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  1. 1.Twente Universitythe Netherlands
  2. 2.Faculty of Educational Science and TechnologyTwente Universitythe Netherlands
  3. 3.Western Michigan UniversityKalamazooUSA

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