LIMS to robotics interface: A practical approach

  • R. Yuille


North West Water Limited is responsible for providing water and wastewater services to the North West region of England. The company serves a population of seven million people, comprising 2.7 million domestic properties and 200 000 businesses in a geographical region covering 14 000 square kilometres, which includes the major cities of Manchester and Liverpool. The North West Water laboratories provide an analytical service to support the core business, which involves the analysis of water and wastewater samples to satisfy operational and regulatory requirements. During the period 1988–1991 the workload of the laboratories increased by 50% and at the same time the number of laboratories was reduced from 29 to 9. This was achieved by the more efficient use of analytical equipment and methods, but without a significant reduction in staff numbers. The staff of 270 includes 50 water quality officers responsible for the collection of samples across the region.


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