Slackened Systems Under Variable Loads

  • Andrzej Gawęcki
  • Piotr Krüger
Part of the Solid Mechanics and Its Applications book series (SMIA, volume 36)


The work concerns the problem of slackened systems, i.e. structural systems with gaps at connections, subjected to variable loads. Considerations have been mainly limited to systems assembled of structural elements made of elastic-perfectly plastic and rigid-perfectly plastic materials. Particular attention has been paid to problems of cyclic loading and elastic shakedown of structures with uniparameter contact conditions. Numerous examples, presented in the work, provide a lot of observations and allow the formulation of important conclusions. The examples concern simple slackened structural systems under cyclic loads (beams and frames with rotation constraints at hinges; trusses with longitudinal gaps at the end parts of bars). The general mathematical model of slackened-elastic-plastic systems and theoretical problems connected with loading, unloading and shakedown have also been included.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Andrzej Gawęcki
    • 1
  • Piotr Krüger
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of Building StructuresPoznań Technical UniversityPoznañPoland

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