Early women ichthyologists

  • Patricia Stocking Brown
Part of the Developments in environmental biology of fishes 15 book series (DEBF, volume 15)


This paper is a brief summary of some of the women who have worked in the field of ichthyology or studied the biology of fishes in a somewhat broader area. All of the women included were born prior to 1920. It does not include Ethelwynn Trewavas since her life and work are covered in a detailed article by David Noakes. The list of women covered here is not meant to be complete, especially with respect to eastern Europe or Asia, and I welcome suggestions of additional women along with biographical information about them for future work.

Key words

Marion Griswold Grey Francesca Raymond LaMonte Erna Mohr Canna Maria Louise Popta Margaret Hamilton Storey Grace Evelyn Pickford Cornelia Maria Clapp Edith Grace White Helen Irene Battle Emmeline Moore Frances Naomi Clark Rosa Smith Eigenmann Lucy Wright Smith Clemens Laura Clark Hubbs Frances Vorhees Hubbs Miller Marie Poland Fish 


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