The Student of Montaigu (1509–1512)

  • Carlos G. Noreña
Part of the Archives Internationales D’Histoire des Idees/International Archives of the History of Ideas book series (ARCH, volume 34)


In the fall of 1509 Juan Luis Vives arrived in Paris. He was at that time seventeen years old, probably one or two years older than most of his fellow freshmen in the University Arts course.1 By contemporary standards, it is difficult to imagine the feelings and experiences of a Valencian young man traveling through the Kingdom of Louis XII. Throughout the Middle Ages students enjoyed in all the kingdoms of Christendom a special recognition ratified by legal privileges and exemptions. Because of their papal origin, most of those rights conferred to the students some kind of an international status.2 On the other hand, Vives’ journey to Paris coincided with the first ominous signs of the clash between French and Spanish nationalism.


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