The Contrast Between Technical Control and Intellectual Insight: The Persistent Influence of Macroscopic Imagery

  • Milič Čapek
Part of the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science book series (BSPS, volume 7)


Two objections can be raised against the theory just described. In the first place, the claim about ‘biological unimportance’ of the microcosmos seems to be clearly contradicted by the technology of the twentieth century. Who can reasonably deny the practical importance of the electrons now harnessed to perform useful services for man in vacuum tubes, photocells, electronic brains, electron microscopes and other such devices? To use an even more spectacular example; who could deny the vital importance of the use of atomic energy for the future and the very survival of the human species? Yet, this objection, even when only superficially analyzed, turns out to be a confirmation of the theory against which it is raised. For there is no question that the widening of the field of our sensory perception at the same time widened our biological surrounding; more especially, it increased the region biologically important for our organism.


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