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The mapping of earthquake parameters or other derived characteristics provide us with a very convenient survey of the geographical distribution of seismic activity. Naturally, the information on European earthquakes has been also used in the construction of the corresponding seismic maps valid for the area under investigation. In fact, there exist, no maps of this area which would uniformly survey the European seismicity except two small maps in Gutenberg-Richter’s Seismicity of the Earth. At the beginning of the work there were two possible ways of presenting the data, either in the form of an atlas, i. e. to divide Europe into many section maps (see e. g. the Atlas of Earthquakes of the USSR, Moscow 1962) or in the form of single maps of the whole investigated area. The second way was chosen because the project of the seismicity investigation of Europe should yield first of all an overall survey and provide seismologists with unified parameters. Moreover, a survey map gives a better possibility of studying the seismotectonic relations between units of different tectonic types. Uniform parameters can be simply applied later in regional and more detailed studies, i. e. also in compiling regional maps.


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