Earthquake catalogue 1801–1900

  • Vít Kárník


Data on earthquakes prior to 1901 are less plentiful than for the 20th century. Therefore the tabular form has been abandoned and the catalogue 1801–1900 has a simplified form compared with that of 1901–1955 [1]. The basic information is arranged in the following sequence: Date, time of origin, epicentre coordinates, number of the region, maximum macroseismic intensity I 0, remarks on the depth of focus, on the size of the shaken area, on the availability of an isoseismal map and additional information on epicentre location, intensity, tsunami, etc. This is followed by a brief description of earthquake damage with a list of localities shaken by maximum and minimum intensities. The sources of more detailed information are quoted as well as the publications used for the compilation. Unfortunately, the requirement of homogeneity in time, space and intensity cannot be fulfilled completely. This condition is important for statistical treatment and comparative studies. Because of the absence of seismological stations in the 19th century we must expect that most of the oceanic earthquakes either escaped attention or were assigned a lower intensity. In many countries a systematic collection of macroseismic observations was nonexistent and again some medium-intensity shocks might be missing in regional catalogues. Thus, we have chosen a higher threshold value for the focal intensity, i. e. I 0 = VII, however, it is very probable that our catalogue is not even complete for this class. This can be seen, e. g. along the North Anatolian fault, the most active region of the investigated area. No shocks of I 0 ≧ VII (except one in 1829) were reported for the first forty years of the 19th century although in the following years they are numerous, at least 55 events of I 0 ≧ VII.


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