X-Ray Sources in the Milky Way

  • L. Gratton
Conference paper
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Non-solar X-ray Astronomy* was born in 1962 when by means of an experiment employing an ‘Aerobee’ rocket, Giacconi, Gursky, Paolini and Rossi (Giacconi et al., 1962) discovered the first cosmic X-ray source. Since then many important results have been obtained concerning both observations and their physical interpretation. There are now a score of scientific groups actively engaged in experiments — mostly by means of sounding rockets — and the number of papers on the subject is increasing very fast; about 60 papers, among invited discourses and original contributions, have been presented during the Rome IAU Symposium No. 37 on ‘Non-Solar X-and Gamma-Ray Astronomy’ (1970), showing the wide interest of scientists in the subject.


Synchrotron Radiation Relativistic Electron Black Body Radiation Supernova Remnant Crab Nebula 
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