An Analysis of the Cartesian Failures to Solve Problems Facing Cartesianism

  • Richard A. Watson
Part of the Archives Internationales D’Histoire Des Idees / International Archives of the History of Ideas book series (ARCH, volume 11)


Desgabets, La Forge, Rohault, Régis, Le Grand, and Arnauld have all been called orthodox Cartesians because they have the following in common:
  1. (1)

    They keep the strict Cartesian dualism between the two created substances, mind which has as its essence or is active unextended thinking, and matter which has as its essence or is inert unthinking extension. 1

  2. (2)

    They insist that causal interaction takes place between these two substances, resulting in ideas and sensations; the ideas are representative of their material causes ; the sensations are not.

  3. (3)

    They agree that whatever has being must be either a substance or a modification of a substance.



Material Object External Object Material World Causal Interaction Material Thing 
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