Development of Enzyme Systems in Glycolysis

  • F. A. Hommes
Part of the Nutricia Symposium book series (NUSY, volume 3)


The control of any metabolic pathway depends on the concentration of the participating enzymes and the allosteric properties of these enzymes. Energy production as it takes place in glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation of the fetal rat liver differs in some aspects from that of the adult rat liver. The concentration of glycolytic enzymes is different (I 2, 3) as well as the ratio of L- and M-type isozymes of pyruvate kinase (4, 5) and aldolase (6). Also the number of mitochondria per cell is smaller in the hepatocyte of the fetal liver than in that of the adult liver (7) and rather large differences can be observed in the enzymic equipment of the mitochondria. Fetal rat liver mitochondria have no glycerophosphate oxidase (8, 9), a low activity of succinic dehydrogenase (9) and a low activity of aconitase relative to citrate synthase (10).


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