Computer Simulation of Plasmas

  • John M. Dawson
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During the last few years computer simulation of plasma has developed quite extensively, with many groups springing up in various places. Numerous approaches are reported in ‘Methods of Computational Physics’ (Vol. 9, Plasma Physics, 1970). I shall not attempt to summarize all this work, but shall concentrate on the work that has been carried out at Princeton and at the Naval Research Laboratory, and work with which I have been associated. To a large extent this work has been devoted to electrostatic particle models. I believe that this has been the most successful model to date, and certainly most of the work has been devoted to it. There is also some work on the Fourier-Fourier transform method for solving the Vlasov equation which I should like to mention, and particularly I should like to show some comparison of the results with those from the particle method.


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