The only previously published biographies of Simon Tyssot de Patot have appeared in articles by Lanson, van Slee, and Valkhoff.5 Lanson derived his information from two of Tyssot’s works, the Lettres choisies and the OEuvres poétiques.6 Van Slee, who was unaware that the OEuvres poétiques had been published, relied on the Lettres choisies and archive material in Deventer. Valkhoff added details derived from the family genealogy (see Appendix A) and from the archives at IJsselstein.7 In addition to the above I have found material for the present biography in the following sources:
  1. (i)

    unpublished documents in the possession of various branches of the family. These include a manuscript history of the family written by one of Tyssot’s nephews (see Appendix B) and papers relating to the military careers of members of the family.8

  2. (ii)

    the archives of Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Delft, Deventer, The Hague, ’s-Hertogenbosch, IJsselstein, Leiden, Utrecht.

  3. (iii)

    biographical dictionaries.9

  4. (iv)

    Tyssot’s other works.10



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