Personal Remembrances of Albert Einstein

  • H. Bergman
Part of the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science book series (BSPS, volume 13)


The editor has kindly invited me to preface the English translation of my book on the Law of Causality — to which Albert Einstein wrote a foreword 41 years ago — with memories of my personal contacts with Einstein.


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    An excellent description of the milieu of early twentieth century Prague is given in Hans Tramer’s article ‘The Tri-National City of Prague’ in the volume published in honour of Robert Weltsch’s 70th birthday (Tel Aviv, 1961, pp. 138–203). On April 18, 1969, the central organ of the Czech youth federation ‘Mladá Fronta’ (The Young Front) published an article under the headline ‘Prague Forgets Einstein’, complaining that there is no Einstein memorial tablet in Prague, nor has a postage stamp been issued in his memory. Only in the entrance hall of the Institute of Physics a commemorative plaque was unveiled in 1966; after the renovation of the building this was to be affixed at its front -I do not know if this was done.Google Scholar

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