Comments On ‘Ontic Commitments Of Quantum Mechanics’

  • John Stachel
Part of the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science book series (BSPS, volume 13)


Dr. MacKinnon’s paper is part of the recent trend to try to bring philosophy of science closer to the actual practice of scientists; to get away from the attempt to tell physicists what they are doing (or should be doing) — for example, by constructing elaborate formalisms for their theories; but rather to try to observe and conceptualize what they actually do. He voices his skepticism about excessive formalization, and his desire to bring philosophy of science into a position where it not only can look at a given theory considered as a finished product; but also allow for the discussion of the relationship between competing or successive theories, and conceptual revolutions in science. He is concerned with what ground such theories have in common, as well as their differerences. I can only join him in this desire to view science in its evolutionary perspective; and on this score the only questions I shall raise will be about whether he goes far enough in this direction.


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    Of course, my use of the word ‘evolution’ is not meant to preclude revolutionary modes of scientific evolution.Google Scholar

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