A Study of Error-Correcting Codes, IV: Code Properties and Unambiguous Sets

  • L. Calabi
  • W. E. Hartnett
Part of the Episteme book series (EPIS, volume 1)


The search for alternative formulations and presentations goes on unabated in this paper. The basic motivation for the treatment was the desire to utilize the intuitive notion of a comma of a received sequence. In an earlier version [PML 45], elaborate implications involving the unambiguity of members of a large collection of exotic sets were derived. The effort however reduced only to the somewhat meager results of this chapter. At the time (February 1967), the crucial significance of the notion of a comma or separation was masked by the nature of the model being considered. We later realized what was really involved: the idea was there but the import was missed.


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  • W. E. Hartnett

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