Reason and the Art of Living in Plato

  • Wifrid Sellars
Part of the Philosophical Studies Series in Philosophy book series (PSSP, volume 2)


In Book VI of the Republic, Plato begins his exploration of the principles in accordance with which the city must be governed if it is to be an enduring and autonomous embodiment of the various forms of excellence of which men, individually and collectively, arc (at least in approximation) capable. These principles have a two-fold status. In the first place, they must, if the city is to endure, be ‘objective’ in the sense that the distinction between truth and falsity is relevant to them and in the second place, they must be capable of being known, where ‘knowledge’ contrasts with that mere ‘belief’ or ‘opinion’ which, however true it may be, is, as lacking the support of rational insight, at the mercy of sophistical argument and the persuasive techniques of the orator.


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