Substorm Phenomena and the Uniqueness of the Geostationary Orbit for Observation of Dynamic Processes in the Magnetosphere

  • S. E. DeForest
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During the Spring equinox, both ATS-6 and ATS-5 were in geosynchronous orbit with a separation of about 11° longitude. A ground-based campaign was undertaken by Eather, Mende, and Judge to observe aurora at the foot of the ATS field line with a variety of instruments. Initial results support the injection boundary hypothesis of Mauk and Mcllwain. Also during this period, the Cs-ion thrusters on both spacecraft were exercised in a deliberate attempt to control the spacecraft potential. Some success was achieved, and the presence of a sheath with a potential minimum about ATS-5 has been demonstrated (the sheath about ATS-6 is observed directly).


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