Interstellar Extinction and Diffuse Absorption Features

  • J. Dorschner
Conference paper
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 55)


The equivalent width of the λ 2175 Å band, W 2175, well known as the big bump in the interstellar extinction curves, has been found to be closely correlated with the colour excess E B-V as well as with the extinction differences E 8−6 and E 8−6 defined to characterize quantitatively the steep slopes of the extinction curves in the far ultraviolet.

The equivalent widths of the λλ 5780 and 5797 Å diffuse lines show good correlation with E B-V . The correlations of W 5780 and W 5797 with E 8−6 resp. E 9−7 are, however, rather weak. Correlations between W 2175 and W 5780 and between W 2175 and W 5797 are indicated.

The results have been qualitatively interpreted in favour of the dust model consisting of a mixture of small silicate grains and larger silicate grains coated by molecular mantles.


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  • J. Dorschner
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