Pulse Astronomy: Short Time Scale Phenomena in Electromagnetic and Gravitational Wave Astronomy

  • R. B. Partridge
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 48)


Patience is generally reckoned to be a virtue in astronomers. The reason is very simple: astronomical processes generally occur on extremely long time scales. The motions of planets in our solar system take place on a time scale of the order of years or decades; in double star systems, the orbital periods range from days to millennia. Likewise, changes in the properties of individual astronomical bodies generally take place on extremely long time scales. For instance, it is now well established that our Sun, like all other stars, is an evolving object. In the process of generating the energy which warms the Earth, its interior properties are slowly changing; but it is quite apparent that changes in the Sun have been negligibly small over historical time. Indeed we are fairly confident that the Sun has been essentially as it is now for the past five billion years, and will remain in essentially the same state for the next five billion years.


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