1965 – 66

  • Kurt H. Wolff
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I can’t wait, however, to reread all the material of the 1965–66 tutorial: I am so eager because this was the last — and it ended in a whimper. Rather, it ran on for weeks after having lost ground for being (except the academic calendar). My recollection had been quite false. I had thought the first, in 1961–62, had been the best, that each of the other three had been weaker than the one before. Not so; now I find it hard to decide whether the first or the third was the most exciting — the first because it was the first, the wild innocent adventure, or the third because of some of the unusually gifted students who put their talents to work in it. (I suspect the second never came off, partly because the word ‘surrender’ had gotten around and hence the excitement or exploration that characterized the first had been lost; partly because of the apparently compulsory disturbance by one or perhaps two members. By the time of the third I had been away a year, and the label ‘surrender’ had not been learned or had been forgotten, and those who knew of it found it worth their consideration.)


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