Chapter 19

  • Kurt H. Wolff
Part of the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science book series (BSPS, volume 51)


In this book and chronologically, ‘Beginning: In Hegel and Today’ is the first case of surrender-to changing into surrender.1 The surrender was to the phenomenon of beginning, which, it might be put, led to making a beginning — in German, you will recall perhaps, ‘beginning’ is Anfang, related to Fang, catch, etc. ‘Might be put’ because I am not sure; if I were, I’d know the one way of putting it. ‘Beginning: In Hegel and Today’ appears to me to be two things: a beginning — of what? of a level of consciousness; secondly — and it will turn out to be the same, and the sense in which it is the same and in which it is two things will be clarified presently — it is a self—contained piece, to be read, looked at, explored, lived with, as if it were a work of art:

we find ourselves ‘surrendering’ and ‘catching’; and while the catch [not only this moment of the explosion of its consciousness but the paper from then on, and retrospectively the whole paper] may not be a concept in the everyday or scientific sense, ontologically it always is a new conceiving, a new concept, a new beginning, a new being—in—the—world (18, 41).


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