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Technology Assessment as a Critique of a Civilization

  • Henryk Skolimowski
Part of the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science book series (BSPS, volume 32)


My concern with Technology Assessment is born out of my larger concern with Philosophy of Technology. What is Philosophy of Technology ? It is a systematic reflection on the nature of contemporary technology, its role and function in society and civilization at large. It may be said without exaggeration that technology is the major force shaping the destiny of the present western civilization: thus shaping the destiny of Society, and therefore, to a large degree, shaping the destiny of its individuals. It is quite obvious that technology is not a collection of tools, but a vital social and cultural force determining our future. It is not an assembly of gadgets, but a part of our world view, indeed an intrinsic part of the western mentality: whenever we westerners think technology, we invariably think ‘manipulation’ and ‘control.’ The primary locus of Philosophy of Technology is not a simple accumulation of insights, a merely analytical and dispassionate inquiry, but an attempt to find some answers to the most urgent social, moral and human dilemmas of our times — the dilemmas which have largely been caused by the relentless unfolding of technological progress. In short, Philosophy of Technology is the philosophy for our times.


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