General Considerations about the Hosts

  • N. Papavero
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The above list of hosts and examination of Table 1 show how limited is the parasitism of mammals by oestrids—among the 998 recent genera of mammals (according to Walker et al.,1964), only 25 were listed as hosts, or, only 2.5% of the recent genera of mammals. These 25 genera belong to only 4 out of 18 orders. These four orders (Marsupialia, Proboscidea, Perissodactyla and Artiodactyla) make up a total of 170 genera; only 25 of these are parasitized, or a percentage of 14.7. Separately we have—Marsupialia: 1 genus in 80 (1.25%); Proboscidea: 1 in 2; Perissodactyla: 1 in 6; Artiodactyla: 22 in 82 (26.8%).


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