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  • E. B. Jenkins
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One participant (unidentified) questioned whether the exceptionally low abundance of O VI toward the star γ Cas places constraints on our interpretation of the filling factor of the hot gas. Jenkins replied that the known irregularity in the distribution of coronal material makes a general interpretation from a single measurement untrustworthy, but the γ Cas measurement makes the notion that we are immersed in a coronal region less tenable. A comment was made that the softest X-ray emission was more isotopic than the background at higher energies; McKee and Cox suggested this may imply we are inside a region of hot gas (perhaps too hot to produce O VI toward the very nearest stars). Jenkins raised two possible objections to this viewpoint: one being the observation of backscattering of solar Lα emission by local neutral hydrogen, and the other being a suggestion by Parker that the constancy of the cosmic-ray flux with time (based on meteoritic evidence) would preclude our being recently enveloped by a bubble of coronal material.

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