Structure and Evolution of Wind-Driven Circumstellar Shells

  • Richard McCray
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The ultraviolet spectrometer on the Copernicus spacecraft has given us many gifts. In addition to the observations of interstellar O VI absorption described here by Jenkins, the spectrometer has shown that almost all early-type stars with bolometric magnitude MV ≲ −6 have broad stellar resonance lines of N V λ1240 and O VI λ1035 that indicate stellar wind with mass loss rates ṀW ≳ 10−6 M yr−1 and terminal velocities VW ≈ 1000 to 3000 km s−1 (Snow and Morton 1976). It was these stellar lines rather than the interstellar lines that led us to our theory (Castor, McCray and Weaver 1975, hereafter Paper I) of “bubbles” of hot gas surrounding the early type stars.


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