The Gas Content of Early-Type Galaxies

  • Hugo Van Woerden
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 70)


This paper reviews recent observations of neutral hydrogen in elliptical and lenticular galaxies.

Of about 50 ellipticals observed, most have hydrogen masses MH < 0.5 × 109 M and hydrogen/luminosity ratios MH/LB < 0.05; for the giant N 4472, these limits are a factor 10 lower. In NGC 4278, several independent observers report a hydrogen mass of about 0. 7 x 109 M, or MH/LB ∿ 0.05.

Among some 150 lenticulars observed, more than 30 have been reliably detected in tne hydrogen line. Values of MH and MH/LB both range over at least two orders of magnitude. Some SO galaxies are as rich in gas as late spirals and magellanic irregulars. There is no clear cut correlation of gas-richness with any optical property, although blue colours and peculiar morphology both are indicators of gas-richness.

In most early-type galaxies, the amount of gas observed is much smaller than expected from mass loss by cooling stars; galactic winds, intergalactic ram pressure, or formation of new stars may be responsible for this.


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  • Hugo Van Woerden
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