HII Regions in Galaxies of the Local Group

  • G. Courtès
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 70)


The galaxies of the Local Group showing HII regions have the great advantage of being close enough to provide, sometimes more easily than in our Galaxy: the fine morphology and distribution of those HII regions; their unambiguous positions compared with those of stars and HI contours; the precise shape of spiral patterns and their true galactocentric distances.

Recent observations using high-sensitivity monochromatic detection and new optical designs have given very efficient means for understanding of galactic and extragalactic structures.

Efforts have been made to obtain standard sizes of HII regions, in order to resolve extragalactic distance-scale problems.

Studies of star formation at the front of spiral features rich in HII regions have been discussed in relation with the kinematics of the gas as well as with stellar distribution and evolution.

Several new kinds of HII regions have been distinguished, up to the very extended diffuse emissions of spiral arms, disk and central regions.

Results from high-sensitivity and high-resolution spectrography, and from far-UV space astronomy, give a first general explanation of the different modes of excitation of these emission phenomena.


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