The Nature of Dust Grains

  • P. G. Martin
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 70)


This review is concerned not so much with the nature of the interstellar dust particles as with the nature of the investigations into the dust properties which have been going on in the three years preceding this General Assembly. Because space is limited, a subjective view of some areas of particular significance is presented. The topics of formation and destruction, dust in HII regions and molecule formation have been omitted intentionally, as they are discussed elsewhere. Two relevant reviews which have appeared (Aannestad and Purcell, 1973; Wesson, 1974) may be consulted for further details and omitted subjects. In addition it would be useful to refer to the proceedings of three conferences, on polarization studies (Gehrels, 1974a), on the dusty universe (Field and Cameron, 1975) and on solid state astrophysics (Wickramasinghe and Morgan, 1976).


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