Toward the Poetic Constitution of Nature: Remarks on José María Heredia’s Work

  • Jorge García-Gómez
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 71)


José María Heredia y Heredia does not seem to be well known outside the field of study devoted to the literature written in Spanish, even at times beyond the confines of Cuban letters. He certainly is not a figure as easily recognizable, say, as the French academician José-María de Heredia (1842–1905), his younger first cousin by the same name, whose fame as a poet was assured by Les Trophées, his book of sonnets of Parnassean inspiration.1 In view of that, I will be attempting here, among other things, to palliate such a sorry state of affairs in partibus infidelium, especially in reference to his early youth and education, and yet I will endeavor to do it only to the extent that discharging such a task may help to cast some light on his literary accomplishments, particularly as they have to do with the question that concerns me here, namely, the poetic constitution of Nature.


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