The Roles of Small Telescopes in a Virtual Observatory Environment

  • S. G. Djorgovski
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 287/8/9)


The advent of the Virtual Observatory (VO) concept signals a paradigm shift in the way astronomy will be done in the era of information abundance and ubiquitous networking. Small telescopes will be playing a number of essential roles in this new research environment, probably contributing a major portion of all data taken in astronomy, both as surveying instruments, and as follow-up facilities. In this review we describe the VO concept and its background, and how small telescopes will fit in this emergent way of doing astronomy in the 21st century.

Key words

National Virtual Observatory surveys archives data mining 


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Selected Web Resources

  1. The NVO SDT Website:
  2. The US NVO ITR Project:
  3. The VO Forum:
  4. The European AVO Project:
  5. The UK Astrogrid Project:
  6. The author’s VO Webpage:

Selected Current and Forthcoming Sky Surveys

  1. Digital Palomar Observatory Sky Survey:
  2. Two-Micron All-Sky Survey:
  3. Sloan Digital Sky Survey:
  4. The ESO VST Project:
  5. The UK ViSTA Project:

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  1. 1.Palomar Observatory, CaltechPasadenaUSA

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