The Dutch Open Telescope

  • Robert J. Rutten
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The Dutch Open Telescope (DOT) is an innovative optical solar telescope at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory in the Canary Islands. Its angular resolution reaches the diffraction limit of the 45-cm aperture (0.2-arcsec in the visible) through combining an excellent wind-swept site, a fully open design of the telescope and support tower, sufficient mechanical rigidity to rely on wind flushing without shake, and consistent application of speckle imaging and reconstruction in all data acquisition. Its successful demonstration of the open-telescope principle presently inspires major solar-telescope projects aiming at adaptively corrected spectropolarimetry. The DOT science niche consists of high-resolution large-field tomography of the solar photosphere and chromosphere, and will remain one in which small telescopes excel.

Solar physics optical telescopes speckle reconstruction 


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